Anna Ragnarsdóttir (36)

I have had problematic skin since I was a teenager, but after I started using the UNA skincare creams I feel like I have a permanent solution to my problem. I have always had acne, skin discoloration and the consequent scarring that comes with it, my skin is uneven and tends to dry up. I have visited my dermatologist regularly over the years and following these visits my skin has temporarily cleared with considerable effort.

With UNA my skin has been able to gain equilibrium, the right amount of moisture, and I am acne free.

If I stop using UNA my skin starts showing it. Which is why I now use the UNA skincare day and night creams. My skin doesn’t require anything else. I am so grateful for this and I wish you every success in the future.

Sigrún Inga (39)

UNA skincare is a gift from above! My acne lessened considerably after I first started using UNA creams, and imperfections heal quickly and well. Before UNA I couldn’t wipe my face with a wash cloth without considerable pain, but now it is no problem. I have suffered from acne prone and oily skin for a long time, and very few things have helped soothe my sensitive and difficult skin. I have tried a lot of different skincare creams in my life. My beautician is very happy with UNA and recommended it to me. I would recommend UNA to young girls as well, and I am going to ask my 16 year old daughter to give UNA a try. I am very curious about your eye cream too, and would like to try it.

Dagmar Halldórsdóttir (52) Ultra rich eye cream

I just got the eye cream and have been using it for 3 days. Wow! I can see a difference. I work a lot during weekends and long shifts, I usually (or always) wake up very puffy. But after this weekend, a 13 hour shift, I saw such a difference that I told my friend who works long hours like myself.
If I keep seeing results I will buy all your products!
I think you just saved me!


Angela (48) Night cream

I actually bought this cream on the Icelandair flight back to the US. I was attracted to the marine algae and purity of the ingredients. I have been extremely happy with the night cream. It is by far the best I have used. I am excited to see you develop other products, and would like to know when I can purchase UNA products in the US.

Unnur (28) Day cream

“A highly moisturizing cream, my skin became wonderfully soft and smooth as silk.”

Steinunn (47) Day cream

“An excellent day cream which more than fulfilled my skin moisture needs. I would highly recommend it to others. I was very happy how long the cream lasted”

Gulla (35) Day cream Night cream

“I have very sensitive skin which normally does not react well when I try new cosmetics and gives me hives. I was amazed how well these creams work, I had no skin issues whatsoever when going from my old product to this product. I am thrilled with this product, is really has had a positive impact on my skin appearance and even dramatically reduced the skin redness I normally have on my chin!”

Margret (40) Day cream Night cream

“Not only do the UNA creams make my skin feel wonderful, but I can see a definite improvement in my skin tone and feel, and a visible reduction in fine wrinkle lines after I used it for a few weeks. There is something very special about these creams. The night cream is true magic!”

Vala (35) Night cream

“I am very picky about creams, but these creams are excellent. I can both feel and see a clearly visible improvement in my skin after using the night cream, day or night. My skin feels so smooth and people have commented on how great I look!”

Elisabet (57) Day cream

“I love this cream, which is very hydrating for my skin. I use it for more than my face, and it has had an amazing effect on reducing stretch marks on my chest. Fine lines around my eyes were also reduced after only a few weeks.”

Monica (40) Day cream Night cream

“I have a mild version of Perioral dermatitis and I have tried many creams and medicine. Nothing really helps. A few weeks after I started using the UNA creams my skin was much better, the redness almost disappeared. I even stoped using it for few days to see if the cream was what was helping me, and it was. The redness came back and after using the cream again, the skin got better again. My skin now feels so much better, moisturized and natural. I don’t want to stop using it now that my face is not all red anymore :)”