The UNA creams have been specially formulated with the finest ingredients to protect, nourish, revitalize and regenerate your skin.  An advanced all natural proprietary process is used to extract the bioactive components of the seaweed to ensure their optimum function and efficiency.

Powerful antioxidant protection from the sea unlocked by advanced science

Our skin cells are constantly being attacked by free radicals which can lead to major damage to our skin cells at the molecular level, causing skin aging.  Eliminating or reducing these radicals can have a major positive effect on the skin, helping it to maintain its youthfulness and even reverse signs of aging.  As we age our natural ability to fight off these radicals fades away and we need help.  Extensive research studies on the powerful natural antioxidants in Fucus vesiculosus show they have superior radical fighting activity compared to all other algae tested as well as outperforming other powerful natural products like vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea. The UNA creams contain high concentrations of powerful marine antioxidants which along with other ingredients in the cream work in synergy their magic to provide you with a beautiful healthy looking skin.

Powerful stimulation of collagen production

Collagen is the main component of connective tissue. It is essential when it comes to giving skin its elasticity and strength. MarinoxTM Fucus vesiculosus extract can increase collagen production dramatically. Collagen is essential when it comes to both the youthful appearance and qualities of the skin.