The Company

UNA skincare ehf. is a newly established company, resulting from the split of Marinox ehf. into two companies. All cosmetics operations now belong to UNA skincare ehf. while Marinox ehf. continues to develop and produce marine algae extracts.

Marinox is an Icelandic innovation company that developed and launched UNA skincare™ cosmetic brand. The research and development of the products was done in close cooperation with Matís, an independent research and development institute in Iceland.

The products contain unique bioactive substances derived from Icelandic marine algae.

Marinox has developed a natural method to isolate and produce the bioactive ingredients of this unique Icelandic resource and thereby ensure maximum activity of the products.

The UNA skincare products are developed and produced in Iceland.



Oddur Mar Gunnarsson, Chairman
dr. Hordur G. Kristinsson
Jon Haukur Arnarsson

UNA skincare ehf.

Vinlandsleid 14
113 Reykjavik
Phone: +354 4500100
ID#: 500315-0830