What ingredients are used in UNA skincare products?

The full details of all the ingredients used by UNA skincare are found on the website and on the product package. If you have any questions regarding any particular ingredient, please contact us.

Does UNA skincare products contain fragrances?

UNA skincare is free of added fragrances. Our products contain natural marine and plant extracts and oils which give UNA skincare products their natural smell.

Does UNA skincare products contain colorants?

No colorants are added to UNA skincare products. The natural extracts can contribute a slight color to the product. Do not be alarmed if the product changes color slightly over time, it’s a perfectly natural reaction of the natural extracts and in no way affects the quality or activity of the products.

Are UNA skincare ingredients natural?

UNA skincare products contain a very high percentage of natural ingredients. UNA skincare is committed to using only ingredients of the highest quality which are the most effective and with scientifically proven activity. Our ingredients include the highest quality plant and marine ingredients along with advanced peptides. All of UNA skincare ingredients are safe and harmless for human topical use.

Does UNA skincare test their products on animals?

Absolutely not. We at UNA skincare are committed to supporting the development and acceptance of alternatives to animal testing, thus we do not test any of our ingredients or products on animals. We are also committed to consumer health and safety and all our products comply with the applicable global health and safety regulations.

How is UNA skincare different from other algae products in the market?

UNA skincare has a proprietary process whereby highly bioactive compounds are extracted from a local Icelandic seaweed, Fucus vesiculosus. Our creams contain a high concentration of this bioactive extract, which has been scientifically tested for its superior activity.

When should UNA skincare products be used?

UNA skincare products should be used twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening – unless otherwise directed. The day cream is preferably used in the morning and the night cream at night, however both creams can be used anytime during the day, as it best suits your needs.

Do UNA skincare products contain alcohol?

UNA skincare products do not contain what is commonly called alcohol (actual name is ethanol or ethyl alcohol) in any of our products. Although fine for rinse off products, we do not recommend alcohol on leave on creams as it can dry out the skin and cause skin sensitivity. Cetearyl alcohol, which is an emulsifier, is made from various vegetable oils such as palm and coconut and are totally different from common alcohol, which is a volatile liquid.

Does UNA skincare use paraben preservatives?

On behalf of consumer safety, UNA skincare does not preserve its products with parabens. Research has shown that parabens mimic the function of the naturally occurring hormone, estrogen. Parabens are only estrogenic when applied externally and therefore could be of concern when applied to the skin.

Is it safe to use UNA skincare products during pregnancy?

None of UNA skincare products contain ingredients which are known to be harmful during pregnancy. All ingredients in UNA skincare are globally approved and safe for topical use. However if concerned please seek the advice of your physician.

Does UNA skincare provide samples?

We do occasionally offer samples to our customers. If you wish to enquire regarding sample availability please contact us at una@unacskincare.com stating which product sample you are interested in and your full address. Please note that that UNA skincare cannot cover the costs of shipping.

What if the question I have is not answered here?

If you need any further information or have any queries regarding any other topic not covered in this section please contact us.